Tuesday, July 17, 2007

20 Weeks!

WE HAVE A BOY!!! (for sure this time)What a cute profile
Even cuter in 3D
3D Face
3D Ear
Cooper's thigh (with his boy part peeking out!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

16 Weeks.....pretty sure it's a boy

Thumb Sucker?


No luck seeing the gender from the preferred view of below (those are two legs tightly closed to the knee)

A little better luck from above (a shot from above looking in his lap as if he were sitting in a chair)

15 weeks...more pictures!

Another profile.

A 3-D ultrasound of his face and fist.

12 Weeks

At 12 weeks everything looks great, we made it into the second trimester! We were able to get a pretty good profile picture

9 weeks

Just two weeks later he looked so much bigger (we still did not know he was a boy yet.) We would have to wait about two months more before we could kind of tell- more on that later....

First Ultrasound at 7 weeks

This is our first ultrasound- Cooper was so small but his heart was already beating.