Friday, March 28, 2008

Having more fun...

Here are a few more outside pics of me on Easter. We had a fun time being outside because the weather was so great. Mama Carrie was able to get the other great photos of me this week. They have no idea how patient I am with them and that camera!! They never put it down! I really like it and laugh out loud sometimes if you pretend like your sneezing. I am also really digging on my moose love (he's a moose with bright feet, funny ears and he rattles). I'll check back in later- and remember, drool is cool :) Love, Cooper

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My moms were right! The Easter Bunny did make it up the driveway!! He left me a teether, bibs, socks, bubbles and some books. I had my picture taken with him on Friday, but something tells me he wasn't the real Easter Bunny. I think it's the creepy glasses the Easter Bunny was wearing. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Easter like me! Love, Cooper

So I wanted to check in and let you know that daycare is going ok. I'm lucky because Mama Carrie doesn't always have to work every day so we spend those days together and it makes Mommy Jennifer very happy. I like my teachers, especially Ms. Margaret and Ms.Rachel. They send notes home to my moms saying that I am hansdome and that I was a very good boy. I don't sleep much there, so I am dog tired when my moms pick me up. We had fun Easter weekend and it started with going to the Raging Burritto on Friday night. I was able to visit with my Aunt Diania and Aunt Lesley (pics below) and Liam. I am excited for the Easter Bunny and my moms have assured me that he has enough hop to get up here. I'll check in and let you know if Mr. Cottontail made it up our driveway!! Love, Cooper

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My moms told me...

I start daycare Monday! Alex give me some tips to survive dude. I'm sure I'll like it once I get there- at least that's what they keep telling me. I don't believe them though- mommy Jennifer can't even convince herself so why should I believe her?

More fun....

So in between all of the storms, we have had some really pretty afternoons and my moms have been taking me outside to play with the dogs. I have a great time. I keep trying to tell both of my moms to put a bib on me, but as you will see in my "tough cookie" outfit, they keep forgetting so I mess myself up all of the time. I had to get the "tough cookie" picture on here though in spite of the drool because that's something my pop-pop says all of the time. I am really digging my excersaucer and my Roscoe the dog these days, they ROCK! (thanks Neena and Aunt Colleen!). Love, Cooper

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Enjoying Atlanta Weather

We had a beautiful day here and my moms and I spent the day outside with the dogs. I really like it when Angus brings the ball back to my moms to play fetch. Excuse the drool and whatever else made it onto my outfit for the pictures :) Love, Cooper

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visit from Pop-Pop

My Pop-Pop came for a visit and I was really happy to get to see him! My moms and I are looking forward to when my Neena and Pop-Pop move to their new house in Dahlonega so I can go and play in the mountains!

I had my three-month check-up yesterday and I weigh 15 lb 7oz! Dr. Thomas says that I am tall but weigh what I am supposed to for my height. These days I have so much drool, and I do try to tell my moms about it with new babbles and words that I can understand, but all they can seem to figure out is how to put a bib on me. They did get me a few teethers that I am starting to like, but I really just like to chew on a washcloth the best right now.

My mommy Jennifer goes back to work next week and she's nervous about leaving me but excited too. Mom Carrie and I keep telling her it's going to be just fine. The pics below are with me and Pop-Pop, and then of me getting ready for bed and chillin' in my crib. I was so tired, but mommy was relentless with the camera. Stay cool, and I'll catch ya later! Cooper

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are a few more pics from my visit with my Aunt Lisa and my cousins Mason, Taylor and Kaylee. Kaylee and I wanted to bring in St. Patty's day in style with our matching outfits!! Taylor liked feeding me my bottle and she did a pretty good job at it although it did drip down my chin more. Be cool and I'll catch ya later! Cooper