Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Late Summer 2009- Summary of Summer :)

My Mama and Mimi have been sooo busy! My Mimi went to Vancouver with my Naunnie ( I missed her very much) and I got to stay at Neena and Pop-Pop's. My Mama is working on a show called "It's Me Or The Dog" and that keeps her busy too. We have had alot of fun this summer though playing outside. We play with sidewalk chalk and draw every day after school, I really like books, and I am REALLY into Thomas the Train.I got to visit with my cousins Meghan, Luke, Abby and Alex. I got to visit West Virginia and meet my poppaw Ben and see my cousins Mason, Taylor and Kaylee. I saw Naunnie, stayed with Neena and Pop-Pop and we all went on trips. It has been a really fun summer. OH! I fell at daycare and busted my eye open. I had to get 2 stitches. Mimi cried harder than me though.

Some of these pics are repeats- but this is an overview of Summer 2009.

I can say Mama, Mimi, Neena, Pop-Pop, Naunnie, ice, brush, no, please, book, meatball and several other words. I have a train set now and I wake up and say good morning to Thomas every day. I am very tall (in the 120 percentile) and I look much bigger than 22 months. I hope everyone had a great summer! Peace out, Cooper