Tuesday, August 14, 2007

24 weeks! (6 Months)

We wanted to take a picture with all of the great baby stuff we have already received from our friends and family. We feel like we are off to a good start. Thank you all so much!
Our fantastic stroller from Jennifer's Piedmont family. This was given to us at Jennifer's going away party when she left Piedmont Hospital. It was a very difficult decision to leave, but we look forward to staying in touch with the good friends she made while she was there.

Of course Saki thinks this fancy new ride is for him!
We are so thankful to Alex, Sybelle, Wilson and Barron for giving us all of this great baby stuff! Alex and Sybelle's boys have outgrown a lot of thier baby clothes and gear, including a baby rocker, bath, jumper and four very full boxes of clothes. They also passed along a bunch of maternity clothes for Jennifer. You guys ROCK!

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Lisa said...

Hey Jennifer! Your belly is so cute! I cant beleive how much it popped since I saw you at the reunion! Im so excited for you two. The feeling you will have when he is born is undescribeable and I cant wait until you experience it firsthand! :) I love you!