Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cooper at about 33 weeks

Jennifer took a tumble- but everything is A-ok. We had Cooper checked out and had an ultrasound. This is his most current glamour shot. The pic of Jennifer is at 35 weeks.


Lesley said...

Look at how beautiful she is!! I know you don't feel great, but you look fabulous..and in the words of Fernando.."It's better to look good than to feel good..and you look maaaavelous, daaahhhling!";-)

Melissa said...

Jen, you look great!! No more falling down anymore :)

We will miss you a LOT but we are all looking forward to meeting Cooper.


Maria,Silvia & Elmo! said...

Hi Girlies
Jennifer you look beautiful. Cannot believe how close you are to becoming mommies!
We will be in touch real soon
love n hugs to ya both xxxx