Friday, December 28, 2007

Cooper turns 1 month old!

I had my one month check-up today with my pediatrician, Dr. Thomas. He's a pretty cool cat and I really like it when he talks to me. I now weigh 10lb 13oz and I'm 23 inches long. Dr. Thomas says I'm pretty tall for a one month old. The pics are of me in one of the outfits my naunie sent to me for Christmas. My moms are trying to get pics of me in all of the cute outfits everyone got me. They haven't been able to get them all. As you can see I like tummy time so I'm going to go back to the business of trying to hold my head up. Happy New Year! Love, Cooper


Leslie Bakker said...

Hi Cooper, So nice to "meet" you on this blog! You are a cutie and I can see in the pictures how very happy everyone is that you are part of this family now!
Maybe sometime I'll get down to Decatur and meet you in person. Leslie Bakker ( I was one of Mommy Jennifer's teachers when she was in nursing school.)

Mom said...

Love that outfit Naunie got you!!

You are growing soooo fast!!