Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Checking In

Here is a picture with with our dog Casey. I am really starting to pay attention to our dogs Casey Saki and Angus- I think they are funny. Casey always lets my moms know when I am crying and she is a very good doggy mom. My Neena and Pop-Pop sent me a Valentines Card, so I thought I would send them a Valentine picture message (attached) in my most manly pose ever to thank them and let them know I love them too! This week my great mammaw (Jennifer's grandmother) is here and then my Naunie and Aunt Lisa are coming for the weekend. We are all going to go to the Aquarium and I will get to meet my cousins Mason, Taylor and the new baby Kaylee. I am very excited. I'll get my mommy to put more pics on here after the visit. Catch you later!


Mom said...

My own personal Valentine from my Grandson Cooper.

Thank you Cooper

Naunie Loves You

PC said...

Oh my God. Where is my spoon?