Sunday, March 23, 2008

So I wanted to check in and let you know that daycare is going ok. I'm lucky because Mama Carrie doesn't always have to work every day so we spend those days together and it makes Mommy Jennifer very happy. I like my teachers, especially Ms. Margaret and Ms.Rachel. They send notes home to my moms saying that I am hansdome and that I was a very good boy. I don't sleep much there, so I am dog tired when my moms pick me up. We had fun Easter weekend and it started with going to the Raging Burritto on Friday night. I was able to visit with my Aunt Diania and Aunt Lesley (pics below) and Liam. I am excited for the Easter Bunny and my moms have assured me that he has enough hop to get up here. I'll check in and let you know if Mr. Cottontail made it up our driveway!! Love, Cooper

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