Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More 6 month photos

As if the first photo shoot wasn't enough I had to sit through another one- I think my Mom's are turning into the paparazzi- everytime I turn around there they are with that camera. I don't know what it is about the camera that changes them into such idiots making funny faces and noises whenever they have it in thier hands- I can't help but smile at them. Anyway, they told me the pictures came out good and finally let me play in my jumper which I still love. In the end the whole ordeal was not that bad.


This is look I gave my Mom's when they mentioned there would be some kind of sweater ensemble involved in this photo shoot........

Sure enough they broke out the sweater......CRAZY I tell you seeing how it's 90 degrees here in Atlanta!

Me and Mommy!

Me and Mama!

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sarah said...

i'm pretty sure he's the cutest boy ever.