Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 4th of July

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend! My Aunt Colleen and Uncle JB came down to Atlanta and we all went up to Neena and Pop-Pop's new house in Dahlonega. Aunt Kathy, Julio and my cousin Gabriella came too! I got to play with my cousin Alex in the pool and watch fireworks! My mommy thought I would be scared of the fireworks ( I think because she was scared of them as a baby- and still is even now a little bit) but not me! I stared at the sky in delight and wonder. On the way up there, we stopped to see our good friends Audrey, Rod, Max and their new baby Fin. I have a picture of her with both Max and Fin below. We stopped there for a cookout and I had alot of fun playing with all of the other kids.

OH! We can't forget one of the most exciting outings- STEAK and SHAKE!!! I loved it- especially how cool I looked in the hat.

Peace out! Cooper

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I'm voting for you Cooper!!

Your Naunie