Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My trip to West Virginia

We took a trip to West Virginia to go to my poppaw's 80th birthday party! I feel so special because I was born on his birthday!! My poppaw and I have the same special day- November 27th. We had a great time and I even had a relaxing time driving the eight hours to get there. My moms left in the evening so I could chill out. I fell asleep too! My naunie had a one year cake for me and my cousin Kaylee. Kaylee is just a few weeks younger than I am. It was so great to get to see my Naunie and Papa T, mommaw and poppaw and my Aunt Lisa and cousins Mason, Taylor and Kaylee.

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Anonymous said...

We had great time!!! Naunie loved having you and your cousins all together. I will never forget it.