Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year! We spent several days at Neena and Pop Pops so that we could do Christmas with everyone and I had such a great time. I was such a lucky boy because I got lots of neat Christmas presents including my own Black and Decker tool bench from Neena and Pop Pop! I finally got to meet my newest cousin Abby. Mama and Aunt Colleen let my cousin Alex and me take a bath together and that was alot of fun too. My Aunt Kathy gave me my very first haircut and I think it looks really sharp. I am such a big boy!!! I am walking so much better and even try to run sometimes. We took at day trip with Neena, Aunt Kelly and my cousins Meghan and Luke to Monteluce Winery in Dahlonega where Pop Pop works too. It was such a great time!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you my stats. I weigh 26lbs now. I went to the pediatrician for my 12 month appointment and they weighed me. I have both pre molars now and I still love my GEE! We are sitting at a table and chairs for our meal and snack time at school and we no longer sleep in cribs for nap time. We each have our own mat in the nap room. I say Gee, wave Hi and goodbye and I also say teeth and dog and point to my belly. My favorite all time food is Yo Baby yogurt and my mama Carrie's creation of Oatmeal and fruit. Talk to you later! Love, Cooper

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