Monday, June 22, 2009

Cooper and Mommy go to West Virginia

Mommy and I went to West Virginia. An 8 hour road trip! Mommy said I got an A+++++ because I absolutely was fantastic in the car considering my age. Thank goodness for the DVD player. If it wasn't for Nemo I think I might have gotten at least a C!

We visited my papw Ben for the first time since I was born. I have to say it was a wonderful visit. My Aunt Lisa and my cousins came and we had a slumber party at Papaw Ben's. We had a family wedding to attend, but we also had time to visit, watch movies and eat ice cream, play twister, play outside and more. Papw Ben cooked a very big breakfast for us too. I really ate alot. We also stayed in Charleston to shop and our mamaw came and stayed in the room with us. I personally had a fantastic time. And last but not least, we made an unexpected stop at Naunie Lindas where I ran and played outside, picked flowers, collected rocks and had fun playing with my moms dogs- Celie, Nettie and Rascal Flats.

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