Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th Weekend at Neena and Pop-Pop's

We went to Neena and Pop-Pop's for the July 4th weekend and we had a great time! I got to see my Aunt Colleen and my cousins ALex and Abby. Alex and I are the same size, but Alex is older than me (but only by 10 months). Abby is the cutest little girl and my mommies were excited about seeing everyone too. Mommy Jennifer didn't feel very good physically and that can make her a bit testy sometimes- but she told me she had a great visit and that she loved getting to see Colleen, Alex and Abby too.

I also learned a new word from my cuz and it's "NO". It's the best word in the whole wide world and I say it all the time. I actually don't say much else it's such a rockin word. My momma and mommy come in to get me up in the morning and I tell them "no" first thing- it's great!

We had a good time going to the zoo, swimming and playing and Neena and Pop-Pop fixed us yummy meals all weekend while we proceeded to trash their house for a moment. I even enjoyed the fireworks. We also went to Monteluce winery where my pop-pop is a sommelier. I let everyone in his tour know when we all arrived to surprise him- it was GREAT! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Peace out, Cooper

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